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Bodyguard training and close protection is a profession full of myths, curiosity and mysticism. There are different trends thought worldwide, according to the local demands. Instructors are policemen on active duty or retired policemen, soldiers, maybe instructors coming from the private sphere. Only few think about, whether things done by the armed forces can be done in the civilian sphere – thinking about demonstrative escort or protection teams consisting of large number of troops. Newly trained close protection officers coming from the institutions specialized to close protection face immediately huge obstacles during thier work.

The main goal of CEBA is to give a knowledge which is necessary on the European market as a civilan to work the most efficient way. Civilan bodyguards work in small teams, covered and with low profile in London, Paris, Bruxelles and in other European cities. This is the hardest task ever and it is thought in few places only. Learning to act professionally and observing the law is our main task. During our jobs in Europe we met many security companies and the cooperation with them resulted the founding of CEBA. Professionals who finished courses offered by CEBA are recognized by the eight memberstates of the CEBA. The association has English, Swedish, French, German, Romanian, Czech and Hunagrian relations. We make efforts to make good connections with security companies operating in Belgium, Netherlands, Morocco and the Canari Island as well. The training center in Hungary offers unique possibilities for traing the reason we grounded here the CEBTC (Central European Training Center)






Gurkha Training


Training Center

Hungary 2500 Esztergom Hegy u. 9
phone: 00421 918 191 188
e-mail: info@bodyguardacademy.eu

Swedish Contact

Zoltán Ruff
phone: +46 735 056 742
e-mail: ruffzoltan@live.se

Austrian Contact

Ádám Dobos
phone: +43 650 4404 985
e-mail: selfdefense@base.wien